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The Photographers

Many photographers moved in and out of the project, some filling a single camera, some filling a camera (or more) each day. Some took several and were not able to complete them, some treated it as daily work. The exhibition and book feature photographs from six of the photographers: Carly, Darren, Joe, Kelly, Craig, and Andre.

Darren Fairbrass

Darren and Indy during Lockdown 3:

“Living on the streets during the last year has been one hell of a challenge for sure, especially the first lockdown we had, as life completely disappeared out here. This photo project has made such a difference during the lockdown, and have had fun doing them and made life out here a bit easier as have had a way to earn a bit of money.”

– Darren

Joe Pengelly

Joe, the day before Lockdown 1, in March 2020, and Joe in April 2021.

“Living in a hostel where I don’t have a permanent tenancy has been stressful. I have hardly any financial support so am having to beg still, I work selling magazines normally, but the magazine has been shut down. Taking photos has been interesting, confusing, inspiring, therapeutic and empowering because I am finally able to do something worthwhile for cash. In all, it’s made me feel like I am living rather than just existing, and I am trusted with cash.”

– Joe

Kelly Francis

Sadly, Kelly died during the project. All who knew her will tell you she was a lovely, kind person. She was 39 years old. This is the final photograph Kelly took:

Several other homeless people flowed in and out of the project, some returning a single camera, some not returning any, some taking photographs every day. Some did not wish to be included in the exhibition, and some wanted to be included but did not wish to give too much information or quotes.

Below is a video from the BBC News in London, in which Joe and Darren talk a little about the project.

Interested in the book, exhibition, or prints?

The book, and limited edition prints are available here. Any profit from the book and from prints goes to the photographers, with a proportion going to St Martin-in-the-Fields who are hosting the exhibition. If you would like further information, or updates, please leave your email below.