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Thank You

Thank you

Thank you from the photographers to anyone who supported the project in any way. Thank you to the photographers: Carly, Darren, Kelly, Craig, Joe, and Andre, and to all others who floated in and out – including Lee, Scouse, Rob, and many others, whether cameras were returned, or not.

Thank you to several people who donated amounts of money which went toward the cameras, to paying the photographers, or to developing the hundreds of cameras over the period (and thank you to Snappy Snaps, for the kindness and politeness, and fast service).

Thank you to all those who offered to chip in, if ever needed, and simply to those who gave positive words to us, or to the photographers, and to anyone reading this who did something to support homeless people over one of the more difficult periods the world has gone through in recent years.

If you would like any further information on the project, or would like to support the photographers, or St Martin-in-the-Fields who are kindly hosting the exhibition, email or get in touch with @danbarker on Twitter.

– from dan barker & lucy wood

The exhibition is also in memory of Kelly Francis, one of the photographers, who died aged 39.