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Out of Home

What would the Covid-19 Pandemic have been like if you had no home?

Out of Home is a photographic exhibition, a book, and a collection of limited edition photographic prints, telling precisely that story from the perspective of six people – Carly, Darren, Kelly, Craig, Joe, and Andre – five of whom lived through the pandemic without a home; one of whom died during the pandemic without her own home.

The Project

During a time when the rest of us were told to ‘stay at home’, lockdowns presented unique challenges for homeless people.

  • Even if selling The Big Issue was allowed, few regular customers were on the streets.
  • Even if a stranger wanted to give you £5, there were very few strangers on the streets. Central London footfall dropped by 97% at some points.
  • And even if you had money, particularly in Central London, there were few places to spend it, and often only in shops where costs were higher.

With the absence of funds needed for day-to-day life, over lockdown, Dan Barker & Lucy Wood paid several homeless people to take photographs each day, using disposable cameras.

Loose guidelines were agreed with each of the people in the project:
  • Try to take photographs in the day if possible, when there is light, but if not possible night is fine
  • Take photographs of things you find interesting, or would like to photograph
  • For each camera, you’ll be paid £20, with ideally a maximum of 1 camera per day, but flexible where it could help
  • Try to spend less than 1 hour 45 taking photos in any given day, meaning that the work was paid at London Living Wage

The project resulted in hundreds of completed cameras, and many thousands of photographs. Some photographers took photos every day, some took just a single camera, some drifted in and out. The result is a collection of photos with a unique perspective, on a unique time in the world, from a unique group of people.

» Further information on the photographers

The Exhibition

An exhibition of photographs selected from the thousands created as part of Out of Home will be displayed, free of charge, at St Martin-in-the-Fields, immediately beside Trafalgar Square. The exhibition will be on ‘the fifth plinth’ – in the Courtyard at St Martin’s – an outdoor area, with its own cafe, easily accessible without needing to step indoors.

The exhibition runs from April 22nd 2021 through the summer.

» Further information on the exhibition

The Book

A limited set of 65-page books, featuring photographs from Carly, Darren, Andre, Kelly, Craig, and Joe, will be available from April 22nd 2021. The book is designed by Ben Weaver, art director of The Wire magazine, with Ben Greehy. It is published in limited numbers by Dan Barker, and all profits go to the photographers, with a proportion to St Martin-in-the-Fields.

» Further information on the book

Photographic Prints

A limited selection of photographic prints will be available, from April 22nd, the launch date of the exhibition. These will each be numbered with certificates, and profits from any sales will go to the photographers, with a proportion to St Martin-in-the-Fields.

All are professionally C-Type printed, using Fuji Matt photographic paper, with a 2 inch border. Each comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

If you are interested in prints, I would recommend leaving your details below as there will be numbered limited editions of a fixed quantity.

Interested in the book, exhibition, or prints?

The book, and limited edition prints are available here. Any profit from the book and from prints goes to the photographers, with a proportion going to St Martin-in-the-Fields who are hosting the exhibition. If you would like further information, or updates, please leave your email below.